Roseland Youth Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing positive programs and activities for the children, youth, and families of Southwest Santa Rosa (Roseland Area).

Roseland english for adult learners

Roseland English for Adult Learners has been offering Free structured English as Second Language (ESL) classes to the community since 2008. Our year round program offers three levels of English Instruction. Our ESL classes are taught by 6 volunteer TESOL certified teachers dedicated to teach our students.

Danza Azteca Xantotl
de santa Rosa

There is a desire from various community members to come together and promote education at all levels, provide a safe place to foster positive self-esteem for our youth and create a sense of unity through "Danza". This program is comprised of parents, students, teachers, counselors, social workers, and community leaders.


Provide a safe healthy environment for our middle school and high school students in the Roseland area of Santa Rosa. Young basketball players will learn the fundamentals of Basketball along the side of discipline and commitment. Students can start their athletic journey. Come join the team and start playing basketball.

Roseland English for Adult Learners


Roseland English for Adult Learners (R.E.A.L) has been offering ESL classes to the community free of charge since April, 2008. Our program operates year round. We have had students from Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Vietnam, China, and Jordan.  

This multi-cultural mix has enriched all of the students’ lives as they expand their awareness of other cultures and customs.We hold our classes at Sheppard Elementary School and Roseland Accelerated Middle School, thanks to the generosity of the Roseland School District. Currently we have 3 levels of ESL classes. These are taught by 6 TESOL certified teachers, of of whom volunteer their time to teach our students. 

Since our inception we have served over 300 adult students. Our classes are held for two hours a night, twice a week. It is very inspiring to see our students blossom in their self-confidence and watch them overcome their shyness as they acquire more English language skills. 

Another positive outcome is the camaraderie that takes place in the classroom and the friendships which form as a result of being vulnerable together as they share in their successes and challenges with English. Sometimes our adult students bring their children to class. The children are incorporated into the lessons, as they are English speakers. They get to shine, and be the stars, and help their parents with their classwork.  This helps deepen the family bond.


Danza Azteca Xantotl de Santa Rosa


Danza Azteca Xantotl came together on March 13, 2010 in the city of Santa Rosa, California. Various members of the community in Santa Rosa, gathered with the desire to learn the traditions and values passed down through generations that are commonly known as Aztec dancing. The traditions are deeply rooted in the central part of Mexico and have spread to throughout the United States.


Roseland Ballers


Roseland Ballers was created to provide the opportunity for young athletes to further develop their athletic skills. 

The program is designed to teach children the fundamental basketball with the elements of discipline and commitment. The child's passion for sports are used to motivate them in all aspects of life. The program encompass studying basketball strategies through film and watch inspirational movies that lead to conversation and discussion.

Roseland Ballers is a year round program that supports our youth in the Roseland area and provides them with a positive outlet. Each student in our program will sign a "contract" and have to fulfill academic, behavior, and athletic conditioning requirements in order to attend.  *

 Middle school boys at Warriors game.

Middle school boys at Warriors game.