Danza Azteca Xantotl
de Santa Rosa

Danza Azteca Xantotl came together on March 13, 2010 in the city of Santa Rosa, California. Various members of the community in Santa Rosa, gathered with the desire to learn the traditions and values passed down through generations that are commonly known as Aztec dancing. The traditions are deeply rooted in the central part of Mexico and have spread to throughout the country

In 2010, a small group of community members from Santa Rosa felt a connection to the spiritual and cultural aspects of La Danza—Xantotl was created.

With the help of Sra. Angelbertha Cobb of Sacramento, California, the group accepted Xantotl as the name that would define the group.

“Xantotl is a concept that I have heard from my infancy. Xantotl es La Unión. Xantotl represents the union of all that gives us life—the elements, stages of material life and the ultimate essence of spiritual life itself.” Angelbertha Cobb.

We dance for the well-being of our community, we do not perform for entertainment. We share our movement and our thoughts that go with our dances so that our children can grow in a healthy way and that those who have left us the teachings that make us who we are, may get healing and live a beautiful life.

Omar Gallardo,
Program Director
(707) 236-7501

Mondays & Fridays
(summer hours differ)

Bellevue Elementary School
3223 Primrose Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95407


  • Dance attire
  • Fabric & scissors
  • Drum materials
  • Funds for leg rattles
  • Funds for raw hide leather (for drums)

The Circle Dance, Danza Azteca Xantotl, at LandPaths Bohemia Ecological Preserve Celebration, video by Jeremy Mace